Monday, June 15, 2009

Autube: A conversation with Stephen Drake

Well, if anyone is curious as to what the voice behind the typing sounds like, I am up live on a podcast on Autube.

Autube, funded by the Dan Marino Foundation, is "an issues-driven web channel enabling exchange of ideas for people with autism." The site is designed and operated by Kent Creative. The podcast is an edited version of an interview of me that was conducted by Jon Kent, president of Kent Creative.

A few words about the interview:
  • My intonation is uneven and my speech hesitations worse than usual - a result of doing the interview while imitrex and a migraine battling it out in my skull.
  • There are a couple of places where I laugh (kind of) and it might seem weird. In at least one of those places - talking about "aversives" - it was more of a nervous "tic" talking about something I hate looking back at, but feel I have a duty to do just that.
  • A lot of specific information about media coverage and advocacy groups was edited out of the interview. This is understandable but regrettable. Hence, the quote from a leader of a Canadian "right to die" group equating the length of a girl with cerebral palsy's life with a prison sentence is mentioned. Also missing is a lengthy discussion of the coverage of Katie McCarron's murder - and the role that specific advocacy groups played in promoting a "blame the victim" theme in coverage of her death.
  • Finally, this is in audio only. The site is a new one and they are working at providing print transcripts of podcasts.
So, for anyone who is interested, here is a discussion of some of my journey through life and the advocacy work I do now:

A conversation with Stephen Drake (mp3 format)

That's all for now. --Stephen

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sanda said...

Hi. Glad transcript is in the works.
I'm not at mp3 yet.