Monday, March 9, 2009

Speed Bump of the Day - Chaos in the Workplace

It looks like today is a wash-out, except for today's blog here. The organization that donates office space to NDY is a growing one - and today they initiated a massive office reorganization.

In reality, that meant that I spent the morning not sure of when I'd have to shut my computer down so it could be moved to my new space along with my phone. People were putting office furniture together behind me. A new person came in, anxious to take up her place at my desk.

Things finally got moved around 2:00 pm. Other distractions started then, such as the IT people coming and a trying to problem-solve a way to wire new ethernet connections into the office next to the one I now occupy.

I know this wasn't an easy kind of environment for anyone to work in, but it's pretty near impossible for me. When I do my posts on the other blog, I usually have to sort through at least a dozen approaches to whatever I'm commenting on in order to put together something that is meaningful, readable and coherent. I'm successful at this most of the time and I do it almost every day. Today was not that day.

At one point, I thought about yelling and running wildly from the building, but thought that probably isn't the type of inservice I'd like to do on neurodiversity. (smile)

It's all over now, but I don't have nearly enough time to organize my thoughts and get them put down in a way that's acceptable to me.

That doesn't mean I'll just sit here and stare out the window, although that holds a certain appeal. I have a few email messages that need answering -- less planning and organizing involved, and I can still have managed to have responded in a timely manner.

I might write about my experiences with writing in the future. Some of it's relevant to part of what Terri wrote in her own blog entry that I linked to the other day.

Until the next time... --Stephen Drake


Anonymous said...

I can concur with your comments. I am the temp that was hired to start yesterday@CDR. I was already feeling a little unsure, and with the social anxiety that accompanies my bi-polar disorder, I feel like chaos can be a real detriment. I felt as though I was a third wheel of sorts. When the people that work there normally are put out, it makes it all that more difficult for them to "find" something for the newbie to do! Due to my want to please, I am now sick at home unable to speak due to trying to push myslef into making too many calls on a throat that is not completely healed.
But I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me. You made me feel welcome. And your blog is very good, I must say. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I feel as though I learned a lot from you. I will be passing your blog on to others.

Stephen Drake said...


Trust me, the place is usually *much* better. But I suspect you guessed that already.

I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to other ones - and I look forward to seeing what you do with your new blog. (smile) --Stephen